Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yes I went skydiving, and am hooked now!

OMG IT WAS AMAZING! I was so scared, I didn't take the class again and we waited around for two hours for our flight to take off which kind of helped me not be scared b/c everyone landed fine. So it was finally our turn to go and Colm and I got separated b/c my instructor had to use the bathroom. I ended up being the last person on the plane besides the 4 professional jumpers that were practicing their formations. So I was right next to this clear plexi glass door that opened like a garage door. The plane was tiny and had no seats. So we were all sitting in two rows in between each others legs (with your tandem instructor behind you although you weren't strapped together yet). I must have had this look of terror on my face b/c the pros were laughing at me and had their fingers crossed saying "I hope the chute opens!" it was funny but I was scared. They also said "this was a better idea when you were in the bar right!?!" It was good b/c they all gave me hi fives before they jumped and said have fun. (my heart is racing just telling you about this). So the pros open the door at 13000 feet and i say really loud "HOLY SHIT" and they all laughed again at me. Two seconds later they were out the door and it was my turn. we waddled up to the door on our knees and the instructor said "ready, set, jump!" You're supposed to arch your back and look straight up but I was too scared to do any of that, all I felt was my instructors hips in my back making me arch. Colm said the my guy basically pushed me out, which is true I totally didn't want to go but all I thought was "I'm blocking the door and if I don't go no one else will be able to jump." My eyes were shut when we left the plane and I remembered that on our way up in the plane my guy told me that after we jump to look up and over my right shoulder to watch the plane float away from us, so after the initial shock all I thought was oh no I have to look at the plane! It was awesome b/c it just looked like it was turning away from us. AMAZING. The free fall lasted about 5-7 seconds, and it was so cold and loud but felt kind of like scuba diving b/c you can move your body like you do when your swimming to move and turn in the air, it really doesn't feel like falling. my guy made us spin right and left and then dove straight down. Right before we got to the clouds (yes we jumped above the clouds) I pulled the chute, at 5500 feet, and we peacefully floated through the clouds. After the Chute is deployed its so peacdfull and quiet. Its like parasailing only really high up. This is where you finally get to talk to the guy your so closely strapped to. He taught me how to steer the parachute and make it spin so fast (it really felt like a roller coaster) you can make yourself go really fast and then almost stop. Then after about 5ish minutes the entire thing is over. If you guys ever get a chance to do it you should, I know it sounds crazy and the entire time leading up to it I just was thinking, lets just get this over with. I never thought I'd like it so much. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Colm was so surprised that I loved it so much. I'm totally an adrenaline junkie now, and can't wait to do it again! Maybe I'll jump on my birthday! Seriously it was the scariest but most amazing thing I've ever done. And I'm really proud of myself for finally being brave enough to do something like that

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Ashley said...

sounds awesome! i wanna go! i'll do it with you :)