Monday, September 8, 2008

Random thoughts

Random license plate frame of the day:
"Soccer player by day, Michael Jackson by night."
"I'm not spoiled, I'm a Polish princess" on a 1990 nissan sentra

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The guest room is up and ready for use!

After 9 months, and 1,235 trips past my second room I finally finished it! This has been a daunting and nagging chore that has been looming over my head since I had moved in last December. Homeownership is hard stuff, especially when making decisions as to how to decorate. The tiniest little decisions turn in to life changing moments. For example, if I were to hang a picture at this point in the wall will I like it. And if I don't what am I going to do to hide the hole that was left by the picture hanger.
So problem numero uno: hanging floating shelves. I have two floating shelves that have been sitting in my hallway waiting to be hung. It took me forever because I needed a drill, which I do not own, and a level which I also do not own. After finally remembering to borrow them from boy toy, I am ready to work. This job probably would have been a lot easier if I were an octopus. Trying to hold the shelf, level, pencil to mark the drill holes, screws, and drill is really tough with only two hands. It took about 15 minutes to get the bracket up for the shelf, and when I went to put the shelf on it I realized it was too close to the adjacent wall. CRAP! there's not only 1 hole but 10 holes that I just drilled which are in the wrong spot! Fortunately I only had to move the brackets over slightly (with 10 more holes in the all) and it fit.
Problem #2 after adjusting the shelf so it would fit, the screws were not in studs. So now the shelf is slightly sagging. So I swiftly went online and ordered wall brackets to help support the shelves, now lets hope the shelf doesn't fall before they come.
Problem #3 I went through the balancing act again to hang the second shelf, and after the first 4 screws were in I realized that the last 6 were in the same spot as the circuit breaker box on the other side of the wall and would not go in far enough to support the shelf. Are you freaking kidding me!?! Now I have four holes that I can't cover with the shelf what the hell am I going to do? Thanks to my crafty dad who recently sent me a bat rack, that he made for my mini bat collection, I was able to hide the holes with that. Phew, crisis averted!
Okay people, the guest room is up and ready for use, so start coming out to visit!