Friday, April 24, 2009

5 reasons why I should no longer own a car

So it seams in the past year all the gods up above have been sending me signs, telling me that I should not own a car. Here are the five signs I have been given this year:
1. Brand new BMW being driven by the boyfriend slams into my driver side fender (new fender #1 this year)
2. A doctor in the parking garage at work backs up in to my driver side fender (new fender #2 this year)
3. Random tree falls on my car during a storm last spring, only leaving a dent in the brand new fender #2, only to find the city worker had broken the mirror off while cutting the tree off my car. Then proceeds to yell and scream in my face telling me it was my fault that the tree fell on my car.
4. And the most recent was a minor hit and run that happened to me two weeks ago in the parking lot at a grocery store. The driver backed up in to me crunched my bumper, head light, and driver side fender (new fender #3) then took off. I managed to get his license plate number but he wasn't the registered owner. Such is my luck
5. This morning I woke up to find I had a flat tire. There was a 3x3 inch gouch out of my tire, probably from a pot hole since Chicago streets are ridden with them. Instead of putting on the spare I filled it up with air and took it to the nearest tire shop. The entire time I was embarrassed because my car totally looks like a hoopty with the front end smashed in.

Maybe I should just leave it parked with the keys in it and call it a day. It would be a million times cheaper.